1. Ekka day ride: Ride time blew out to almost 8 hours with a silly about of pitch flats and mechanical issues. Total distance around 80k with 2000m of climbing. The warmer months are around the corner so making the most of riding all day.

  2. Pretty good weekend of bikesports, food and hangs.

  3. ​Dat serenity

  4. prosickkent:

    #trending apparal SWEG

  5. Gravel is the new Tarmac

  6. Uluwatu Bali

  7. Motel Mexicola - Seminyak

  8. Deus Ex Machina - Temple of Enthusiasm - Bali

  9. Spent the past 7 days in bali this is a quick recap.

    More soon

  10. Stupid web fluorescent colors + Saying/Pun + Simple vector illustration = Pedal Puns.