2. Bittersweet - the extra light is great but it’s getting warm.

  3. Recently put together a trophy for the local Cyclocross series. Something a bit different from your average wooden plaque.

  4. Sunday’s ain’t so bad

  5. Recently developed an identity for a friends shop. They wanted to use a hand written font, so rather then downloading something generic, I had them to sketch up what they wanted. A few clicks later and the logos were laid up onto signage and various other branded items.

  6. Dam fine day

  7. Ekka day ride: Ride time blew out to almost 8 hours with a silly about of pitch flats and mechanical issues. Total distance around 80k with 2000m of climbing. The warmer months are around the corner so making the most of riding all day.

  8. Pretty good weekend of bikesports, food and hangs.

  9. ​Dat serenity

  10. prosickkent:

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