1. Good day for it

  2. designbennettrust:

    Mission statement

    "Imitation the highest form of flattery"

  3. Christened the new sled on the weekend.

  4. designbennettrust:

    On a given day, a given circumstance, you think you have a limit.”

    He would of been 54 today.

  5. Recently set up a website for a friend selling old school surf and skate items.

    Check it out here

  6. Do you even dismount?

  7. Recently completed a poster for CXQLD.

    Should be a fun season

  8. Gravel Grind overnighter

    We set off from Elimbah early Saturday morning with our sights set on the Archer campsite. We had a support car take all of our gear so we weren’t going full touring. The route had a good mix of gravel/sand and tarmac with a few good 13% plus pinch climbs.

    Half way we stopped at a gas station to get coffee and snacks, We found large off road RC track were we ended up staying there longer then we planned getting mad vert on the banked turns.

    We arrived at the campsite around midday where we set up camp, went for a swim and just hung out. Evening came, we made dinner and then sat around and had a good bitch and moan about all bikes and the people who weren’t there.

    The next morning we packed up camp, had breakfast made a coffee and rolled out. We did the reverse route of the days previous ride. It felt like we came back a lot quicker than the first day, we managed to handle the climbs better.  We rolled back to the start point packed it all up and went home.

    Thanks to Brad from Queensland CX for organising the route and the campsite.

    Good hangs,

  9. cyclo-jokes part II


  10. When you do your taxes, the form is set in Helvetica; when you ride the subway in New York, you get off at a stop marked in Helvetica